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Requesting A Quote

Who do I contact for information about furniture that I see on Lilyjack.com?

You can contact our Sales Representative for your region. You can find a list of our Reps under the Contact Us section of the website: Representatives.

Can I customize Lily Jack pieces?

Yes. Lily Jack designs can be custom sized and custom finished according to your instructions. Additional charges for custom pieces will be applied.

What types of custom requests incur an up-charge?

Additional charges may apply to the following, unless otherwise noted on the quote. Please inquire.

  • Alterations of Catalog items to Custom Designs
  • Expedited or “Fast Track” Projects
  • Custom Finishes
  • Leather Goods
  • Down and Feather Fill
  • Dry-Fast Foam
  • Marflex Core Seat Cushions
  • Memory Foam
  • Repeats or Pattern Match of COM
  • Size Changes
  • TB-133
  • Trillium Fill

Can Lily Jack make fully custom pieces?

Yes. Lily Jack can custom-make any piece of furniture according to your specifications.

Is there a minimum to order?

There is no minimum order required. Lily Jack will fulfill orders of any size, from one piece to several thousand.

How do I request a quote from Lily Jack?

You can contact your local sales representative, email us at quotes@lilyjack.com or call us at 310-965-1993.

How long is my quote valid?

Quotations are valid for a period not to exceed 60 days, unless extended in writing.

Placing An Order

When can I expect acknowledgement of my Purchase Order?

Lily Jack will acknowledge all accepted orders within 3 business days. When submitting purchase orders to Lily Jack, please provide a copy of the quote number or a copy of the actual quotation. The Purchaser is responsible for comparing this acknowledgement to their purchase order to see that all information regarding style, quantity, fabrics, finishes, prices, shipping information, etc. is correct. Orders will be produced as acknowledged unless the factory is notified immediately.

What is Lily Jack’s Cancellation Policy?

A minimum of 25% will be applied to all purchase orders cancelled after (2) weeks from receipt of the purchase order.

What are Lily Jack’s Payment Terms?

Our standard terms are 50% deposit with the balance due prior to shipping, unless otherwise noted on the quote.

What are my payment options?

We accept payment in the form of a business check, wire transfer, or open account (please see our Terms and Conditions for further information regarding setting up credit terms). At this point in time, Lily Jack cannot accept payments via credit card.

What is Lily Jack’s Return Policy?

Lily Jack must provide written authorization and shipping instructions before any returns for repair will be accepted. Unauthorized returns will not be received. The costs of field repairs or adjustments performed by non- Lily Jack personnel will not be reimbursed unless previously authorized by Lily Jack in writing. Lily Jack cannot guarantee any work performed by outside companies or persons.

Does Lily Jack offer a warranty?

All Lily Jack products are sold with a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment in normal contract use. This warranty does not extend to any COM, COL and other customer supplied decorative applications. This warranty also does not apply to any damage caused by shipping, misuse, abuse or ordinary wear and tear.


Can Lily Jack produce CAD drawings?

Upon receipt of purchase order, deposit, color concept photos and specifications, Lily Jack will submit CAD drawings for approval within 5-7 business days. Lily Jack will not submit CAD drawings for standard, in-line items, unless specifically requested by the purchaser.

Lily Jack employs a full-time CAD/Engineering team dedicated to product development. The charge for use of this service prior to receipt of a purchase order is $150 per CAD drawing. The charge will be credited upon receipt of an order or specification using the CAD design. The initial charge will cover two revisions and $50 will be charged for each additional revisions.

What are Lily Jack’s production lead times?

Domestic – For domestic (U.S.) manufactured product, our typical lead-time is 10-12 weeks from receipt of purchase order, deposit, approved CAD drawings and finish control sample. Upon receipt of all COM’s, Lily Jack can begin shipping in 6 weeks.

Import - For products manufactured in Lily Jack’s overseas factories, our typical lead-time is 11-13 weeks from receipt of purchase order, deposit, approved CAD drawings / approved prototype and finish control sample. Upon the overseas factories receipt of COM or COL, they can begin shipping in 2-3 weeks. Estimated ocean transportation time from our overseas factories to our U.S. factory in Inglewood, California is 3 weeks plus 2-3 days for customs clearance and delivery to our U.S. factory. Lily Jack can ship direct to the destination instead of delivering to our U.S. factory. Please inquire for pricing.

What is Lily Jack’s lead time for prototypes/samples?

Typically, Lily Jack can produce prototypes/samples within 4-6 weeks from receipt of the purchase order, deposit, approved CAD drawings and finish control sample. If this lead-time needs to be shortened, please inquire.

What finishes for metal and wood are available?

All items are quoted in a level “A” standard finish, unless otherwise noted on the quote. For standard and premium Lily Jack wood finishes, please select from the Finishes section on our website.

Can I request a custom finish?

Yes. For custom finishes, additional charges may apply, so please inquire. Please provide a control sample or custom for finish strike-offs. Lily Jack can submit a finish strike-off within 7-10 business days from receipt of the purchase order, deposit and finish control sample.

What fire requirements does Lily Jack meet?

All internal materials meet CAL-117 and NFPA-260A.

For TB-133 and the Boston Code, please add 50% to your price quoted. Lily Jack has tested products and is qualified to certify as required by TB-133 and the Boston code. Certification cannot be made unless the fabric has been treated for fire resistance and we receive a certificate from the COM supplier or treatment center.

Where should I send my COM or COL?

Materials must be clearly marked with purchaser’s name, project name, order acknowledgement number, item to be upholstered and the material name, color and yardage. COL hides must be rolled for shipment to Lily Jack in a neat manner, avoiding creases and excess roll marks. Leather that is received folded maybe subject to rejection. 

Moving forward, if COM is shipped incorrectly, your Project Manager will contact you, and will hold the goods until your own carrier picks up and ships to the correct address. Please feel free to reach out to your PM for further direction.

Lily Jack 
1030 W Hillcrest Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90301 

Ruffo De Alba
9927 Via De La Amistad
San Diego, CA 92154

Packaging and Freight

What is Lily Jack’s FOB point?

Domestic - The FOB point for all domestic (U.S.) manufactured product is Gardena, California (90248).

Import – For all products manufacturing in Lily Jack’s overseas factories, the FOB point is the Port of Yantian (China) or the Port of Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), unless otherwise noted on the quote.

Does my quote include packaging and freight costs?

Domestic – All Lily Jack products are securely packaged in durable plastic bags and other protective materials for blanket wrapped shipments. Prices do not include cartoning, crating, freight, delivery, installation or taxes, unless otherwise noted on the quote. Please inquire for crating, freight, delivery and installation, as Lily Jack can provide these services.

Import – Typically, for all products manufactured in Lily Jack’s overseas factories, the pricing includes cartooning.

Do I incur storage fees if my order cannot ship as soon as it is ready?

A warehouse fee of $.75 per square foot per month will be charged for completed orders when the shipment is delayed at the purchaser’s request. If the customer cannot accept delivery when merchandise is ready for shipment, we reserve the right to transfer goods to storage. Cost of transfer and storage will be charged to the purchaser and we will deem such transfer as constituting shipment, including invoicing as of date transfer is made.

What do I do if my order is delivered with damages?

All Lily Jack products are carefully inspected and securely packaged prior to the shipment and Lily Jack will not accept any claims for freight, warehousing or installation damage. Customers should carefully inspect all merchandise upon arrival and make claims for damage to the carrier immediately. All freight damage and shortage must be noted on the Carrier’s bill of lading or proof of delivery at the time of delivery. Freight claims should be filed within 3 months for visible damage and within 15 days for concealed damaged.

If damages occur, it is crucial to keep all packing, carton and crating materials and digital photographs should be taken immediately. Failure to follow the above requirements shall constitute acceptance of the merchandise and waiver any defects, errors or shortages.

Product Care

How should I care for my Lily Jack furniture?


  • Particular attention and care should be given while installing or relocating furniture. Dropping dragging or stacking may loosen joints, break legs, scratch and chip wood surfaces or damage the upholstery.
  • Protect upholstered pieces from the sun, as ultraviolet rays will cause fading and deterioration and hairline cracking in wood finishes. Also extreme room heat and/or humidity may cause damage.
  • Before attempting to clean a spill, spot or soiled areas, obtain the correct cleaning method recommended by the COM/COL manufacturer and test it in an area that is not visible.
  • Housekeepers should be cautioned to avoid banging legs and flounces with vacuum cleaners, and using bleaching detergents, etc., for cleaning upholstery.
  • Vacuum often (once a week) to remove dust and grit. Never brush any fabric with a stiff fiber or metal brush, as both are destructive to the fibers.
  • Rotate cushions and fluff back pillows frequently.
  • At least once each month, wood finishes should be cleaned with a soft cloth slightly dampened with a water-soluble wood finish cleaner to remove built-up grease and grime. Immediately wipe off any moisture accumulated on the surface or within joints.
  • Do not excessively rub during any process.
  • If polishing the exposed wood elements is desired, select one designed for furniture and the appropriate finish. Always test before overall application.